Maritza Breitenbach

Author, Artist, Speaker

Thank you for landing on my page. It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself to you.

My name is Maritza Breitenbach, I am playful and my interests are diverse. My academic background includes a Bachelors degree in Science, a Teachers Diploma, a Certificate in Small Business Management, and a Masters Degree (MPhil) in Applied Bio-Medical Ethics.

Please click on the links below to learn more about my art, the non-fiction book for women and public speaking, or click here if you are interested in reading my Philosophical Study on Quality of Life in Biomedical ContextAlternatively, you can go straight to the BLOG, and learn more about my experiences as I traverse and navigate through life.

I am eager to connect with you and would love to collaborate with you on any art project, exhibition, or speaking engagement/function.  Please note that the book and the artwork can easily be shipped worldwide … and that goes for me too.

Thank you for undertaking the journey with me.

More about what I do


​Art is a perfect platform where physicality and spirituality meet; where thoughts, dreams and ideas turn into tangible things. There is something grounding and satisfying about working with one’s hands, particularly when it is messy.

I have thought long and hard about the desire to dirty my hands … is creating something out of raw material a symbol of connecting with life itself? For me it is the exploration and the longing to be a playful and unrestrained child again; about being physical and getting lost into a world stripped of thought. A disappearing act, if you wish.  I am inspired in the beauty and balance that exists in the spaces and interaction between people, objects and nature.

The Cookie Book

THE COOKIE BOOK: The Art, Power and Mystery of Womens’ Sweetest Spot is not, as one might first assume, a cookery book but, much like any good culinary manual, it provides instruction, advice, inspiration and entertainment. This, first of its kind, educational book provides an intimate guide throughout life – from infancy to adolescence, from being a lover and a mother, to menopause and beyond. The book gently weaves its way through a number of areas such as puberty, virginity, the G-spot, pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause, while offering amusing snippets from ancient times.

Public Speaking

​The enticing element of public speaking for me is the excitement that I experience beforehand when the anticipation begins to build and fill the room as the attendees begin to settle down. It is a wonderful platform for mutual exchange and participation.  I do feel blessed and honoured when I am asked to take the stage, and for that reason I tread carefully and responsibly as I weave through the topics that I present. (Not to say that we are not sometimes a little naughty).  Although I always make sure that I am well prepared for a talk, I always leave room for organic flow.  The talks intend to inform, entertain and inspire. I feel that a talk is successful when everyone’s had loads of fun and leave with a broadened and or a more positive perspective whilst being armed with valuable and long-lasting information.

My Blog

Please join me on this journey we call life. Let’s not be too serious, let’s go for fun, but let us be brave and remain honest as we navigate through challenges and breakthroughs, the carefully polished and the unedited raw, the endless cycle of ups and downs,