I am moved and informed by an innate need to play and discover. As a small child I walked around like a crazy baby-scientist and caught, killed and dissected small animals and insects. My father gave me a small set of precision cutting tools and a pair of gloves and I set off daily to discover something new. I dissected cockroaches, frogs, mice and rats. In latter years when I did a Bachelor of Science degree with Zoology as one of my main subjects I was delighted when we dissected sharks. Apart from my fascination with the anatomy and physiology of all living things, I was also very much a tomboy-outdoorsy child – I would walk around (mostly on my own) climbing trees or playing with rocks, mud, dust and water while talking or singing to myself. I still do this to this day … wandering off into the woods, singing & talking to myself whilst picking up or just touching, smelling and examining leaves, mushrooms, shells, skeletons, feathers, stones, rocks, tree bark, moss and small insects.

My ‘talent’ (for a lack of a better word) for sculpting was discovered while sitting on a river bank while the children were fishing. I picked out some of the clay-like mud and made small figurines. None of the other adults who attempted to make something could get it right – it was then suggested that I start sculpting. I enrolled in evening classes at Studio Visio Art School with Barend Grobbelaar. I had the honour of working with Barend for roughly 3 years before I relocated to the Western Cape. Once here, I embarked on a solo journey of trial and error and continued to play with clay without taking life or the journey too seriously. The focus remains to be on fun, play, experimentation and freedom of expression.

Maritza Breitenbach Art Studio

‘It is the greatest privilege and joy to have my studio on the beautiful Rustenberg Wine Estate, a farm that has been in the Barlow family for nearly 80 years.’ -Maritza Breitenbach

The ART STUDIO is adjacent to my cottage, nestled amongst trees on the slopes of the majestic Simonsberg Mountain. During winter months, the calm sound of a nearby river can be heard. Even though the studio is just 3,5 km from Stellenbosch CBD, there is abundant wildlife to be found: I have encountered a leopard and her cub, various antelope, porcupine, snakes, frogs, mongoose and many different bird species on my walks and drives around the farm.

The studio space is comfortable and set-up for art classes; i.e. space, tools, clay, wine and good coffee. It has a lovely covered outside area with great lighting for those wonderful summer evenings. Do visit during OPEN STUDIO days, or WhatsApp me on 0823144614 to make arrangements.

Things to do on Rustenburg

RUSTENBERG wine farm offers an amazing wine tasting experience, but that is not all. You can wander through the spectacular Schoongezicht garden created by Rozanne Barlow or take a  moment to experience the eleven circuit Chartres-style labyrinth, situated in the garden. Rustenberg is a bird watcher’s paradise and is abundant with wildlife. At any given time you may come across a porcupine, squirrels, mongoose, the Cape clawless otter, snakes, frogs, caracal (rooikat) or even a mountain leopard. Click here to see the list of birds that I have spotted on the farm in the last year or two.

You are also welcome to take a short 250 meter walk from the wine tasting room and visit me at the Brampton Bull Pens Art Studio.

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List of Birds - Rustenberg

Cape Batis
Yellow Bishop
African Red-eyed Bulbul
Cape Bulbul
Common Buzzard
Jackal Buzzard
Cape Canary
Red-knobbed Coot
Cape Cormorant
Blue Crane
Pied Crow
Red-chested Cuckoo
African Darter
African Mourning dove
Cape Turtle dove
Red-eyed Dove
Rock Dove
Fork-tailed Drongo
Square-tailed Drongo
Black African duck
Yellow-billed duck
African Fish Eagle
Little Egret
Western Cattle Egret
Lanner Falcon
Common Fiscal
African Paradise Flycatcher
Fiscal Flycatcehr
Egyptian Goose
Little Grebe
Helmeted Guineafowl
African Cuckoo Hawk
African Harrier Hawk
Black-headed Heron
Grey Heron
African Hoopoe
African Sacred Ibis
Hadeda Ibis
Black-shouldered Kite
Yellow-billed Kite
Blacksmith Lapwing
Spike-heeled Lark
Red-faced Mousebird
Speckled Mousebird
Cape Eagle-owl
Spotted Eagle-owl
Indian Peafowl
African Olive pigeon
White-necked Raven
Cape Robin-Chat
Black Saw-wing
Cape Spurfowl
Common Starling
Red-winged Starling
White Stork
Greater Double-collared Sunbird
Malachite Sunbird
Double-collard Southern Sunbird
Barn Swallow
Olive Thrush
Common Waxbill
Swee Waxbill
Cape Weaver
Southern Masked Weaver
Cape White-eye
Pin-tailed Whydah
Cardinal Woodpecker
Olive Woodpecker