I’m going to gossip … I want to tell you about the interesting people I came across yesterday at a function here at the Cité des Arts: The identical twins from Iran (my new author friend from Montreal calls them the Rasputwins) – first impressions, which are breathtaking, are of late-afternoon shadows against a wall – tall, dark and large. Their hair is long, lush, a pitch-black tumble of curls, and all that can be seen behind their long beards and thick moustaches (neatly trimmed) is their smooth, olive skin, cheekbones, and the most beautiful light-green eyes. It is actually impossible to see where these pools start or end, but they are framed by dark brows and long lashes… and the best part, there are two of them!

And then I spotted the tall, slender young man – gorgeous, and most stylishly attired. His mannerisms are theatrical and accompanied by elegant swoops of his lean and willowy arms with his long translucent-white hands. What a delightful sight to behold. But what I really wanted to ask him was the name or make of the bright pink lipstick that he had extravagantly painted over his full lips, because even after dinner, it was still as lovely, just as bright and as freshly applied as at first sight.

And then there was the ‘Pirates’ moment – a man of average height, carefully tousled with layer upon layer of jackets and coats and a pair of those trousers where the baggy crotch sags between the knees, dreadlocks, rag-like head gear, draped with necklaces and rings skewered on to his fingers, made me choke in my stride. I went and asked him, but he confirmed – he is not Johnny Depp. That was close!

Also notable were a pianist, a composer and a conductor from Finland (all three exceptionally good-looking) and a short stocky man and his wife from Japan. He is a calligrapher by trade, but an inkblot-on-rice-paper-artist. Their English is like my French, so our communication relied solely on nonverbal displays of mutual connection – a nod, a warm and engaging look, a light touch on the arm, another smile-in greeting. Needless to say, we get on extremely well.

I also became friends with Mira, a world-renowned film-maker from Slovenia and with a shy and quiet artist from Germany, Maria, with a ring through her bottom lip. Then there is a really nice guy from Israel and a reserved man, Martin, from Switzerland.

Lastly, just a general observation – Paris smells good, the people and environment are incredibly beautiful. What an experience! I have to go now … the day promises endless enchantment – the weather alternates between snow and sunshine, so I must go and explore … and besides, my wine has run out.