There is beauty in that that some others may call macabre … I view death for instance as exquisite and wonderous, and then of course, I love sculls.

My attraction to it lies in the beauty of its form and its concrete-ness; it is this balance between its delicate elegance and the robust hardiness that I adore.

When you become still to look closely and run your fingers over the lines, you get drawn into the smoothness and perfection of the curves, the intricate twirls, shapes and symmetrical balance and design.

When I discover a scull or a friend or one of my children bring me the remains of an animal, my heart skips a beat … I am not religious, but I stand in complete awe of the creation – it is so perfect, gracious, serene and sophisticated. To me it represents a perfect reflection of our lives on this planet – its magnificence, its rhythm, flow and cycles, its glory, contrast and richness.